Welcome to Camp Warner Park: Wet ‘N’ Wild Week Recap!


Every morning, we gather together and play games and sing songs!

the contract

Then, we gather together as a group, create our group contract! Be Kind! Be Helpful! Be Nice! Have Fun! (Make silly faces!)

Group Flag

We also design our group flag!


We head out to explore the park together. Look, we found a turtle!

nature center

Tuesdays, we head over to the Nature Center to spend the morning with their awesome staff!

taking a rest

Sometimes we have to take a rest!

nature journals

And work on our nature journals! Before:



exploring the mud

We love to play and explore in the mud!


Every camper is recognized in front of the group for a special skill or character!

Harpeth river

Thursdays we get to explore the river! The Harpeth River Watershed Assoc. comes out to help us capture and categorize the aquatic invertebrates in the river. We sure had fun!

balloon catapults!

Another of our favorite activities: Wacky Relays and water balloon catapults!

so much fun

This week sure has been fun!

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