Welcome to Camp Warner Park: Amazing Animals Week Recap!


Every morning we get our bodies moving with fun camp songs!


Shake, shake shake!

big chair

Then we gather together in our small groups to get to know each other and learn about all the fun things we’ll get to do this week.

crossing river

One of our favorite things about camp is hiking over to the Warner Park Nature Center! They have this cool rock ‘bridge’!


 This week, there was a special treat! The Nature Center let our campers watch them band migrating birds.


Everything in the garden is okay to eat! Let’s try some fresh mint!


After an action-packed morning of exploring- it’s time for lunch in the amphitheater.

more games

It gets hot in the afternoons, so we re-apply our sunscreen and head back to the Bob Brown Field Station to play water games. For balloon toss, you start out close to your partner, like Otter…

mounted police

For Amazing Animal week, the campers get to visit with the Metro Park Mounted Police horses.


More animals visited camp with Walden’s Puddle. Look at this screech owl!

mud pile

Camp Warner Park LOVES playing in the dirt at the Nature Play area!


You know what ELSE is FUN?!? KICKBALL!!!

4 square

And Four-Square too!


Sometimes we just need to do something more relaxing… like coloring or building gnome homes!


Or wading in the Little Harpeth River, looking for critters!


By the end of the week, everyone has received special recognition and it’s time for silly skits to end the week! Watch out for the giant caterpillar!


Whatcha lookin’ at?

boo hoo

Boo hoo! Don’t cry- camp may be over BUT you can come back next summer!

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