Welcome to Camp Warner Park: Wet ‘N’ Wild Week & Teen Leadership Adventure!


Every morning we start off the day with a song!


And we love to play field games all together.

arts and crafts

First morning of camp and everyone is hard at work on their name tags.

the contract

Each group creates rules for the week and writes them down.

taking a rest

Next, Group photos!

what do we have here

Today, they are doing something special… can you guess what it is?


Bird Banding! Vera is cataloging a Goldfinch before she puts a tiny, silver band on its leg.

another bird

Then Kim gently releases the bird.

posing for photo

Bye-bye, birdie!

searching the creek

We check out what’s in the pond too.

teen leadership

Meanwhile, Teen Leadership Adventure is doing their service project.

mountain bike camp

It wasn’t all work- the teens also got to have FUN on BIKES!

what will we catch

You know what else is FUN? RIVER DAY!!!


on a hike

When we are at Pavilion #11, we also like to look for fossils in the quarry.

river fun

Whew. It’s hot. Let’s get back in the water!

water balloon

Oh BOY! We sure had some fun this week!

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