Welcome to Camp Warner Park: Feathered Friends Week


This may be the last week of summer, but we start off the same way! GAMES!


So many games! Come ON, Otter!!!

rock bridge

On Tuesdays, we hop across the pond to the Nature Center!


During Feathered Friends week we got to watch them band wild birds!

 They are putting a tiny silver band on the leg of this female Cardinal.


Check out this falcon, feasting on a turkey!


The Nature Center also has a pond where we can catch frogs and learn about their ecosystem.

mroe river

Speaking of ecosystems, on Thursdays we learn about the fish and invertebrates living in the Little Harpeth River.

walking the river

It was our job to funnel the fish into the nets so we could study them.

in the river

This net with very small holes captures the invertebrates.


What did we catch, guys? Crayfish!


I wanna catch a crayfish too!


Thank you so much for being a part of Camp Warner Park this summer!

We’re going to miss all of you!

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